Municipal Post Graduate College, Musoorie was founded in the year 1963 by the vision and devotion of Shri Jagannath Sharma, Ex. M.P., a great social worker, humanitarian and educationist. He was the founder President of the Managing Committee of this College. The College is managed and owned by a Management Committee that is headed by the Chairman of the Municipal Board of Mussoorie. In the year 1963, Shri Jagannath Sharma and other members of the erstwhile Municipal Board decided to start a Degree College in the famous tourist hill station of the country. Until then Mussoorie had no institution of higher education, though it had a number of reputed boarding and government schools for the primary, secondary and senior secondary education.  Therefore, the students from Mussoorie and the surrounding regions, which form part of the Tehri district, faced a lot of difficulty in pursuing their higher education. For many poor and economically much weaker students this often meant closure of their further studies as their parents could not afford to send them for higher education outside Mussoorie. The great visionary Shri Jagannath Sharma realized this difficulty and through his incessant hard work and very limited financial resources, the Municipal Board of Mussoorie passed a resolution to establish a Degree College in Mussoorie to help the poor and economically weaker students of Mussoorie and the surrounding regions to cherish their dream of having higher education at affordable prices. Thus, this College was born on 10 August 1963. It first began in Summer House, Kulri, Mussoorie and then shifted to its permanent building at Kincraig in Mussoorie in 1965.

                          The College was first of all affiliated with the C.C.S. Meerut University, Meerut. When the H.N.B. Garhwal Univesity, Srinagar, was founded in 1973, this College got affiliated with it and till date it remains affiliated to this University. Originally, in 1963 the College started with B.A. Classes in eight subjects, viz., English, Hindi, Mathematics, Political Science, Economics, Sanskrit, Sociology and History and it was then known as the Municipal Degree College, Mussoorie. The College, started M.A. Classes in English, Hindi, Economics and Political Science in 1965 and was renamed as the Municipal Post Graduate College, Mussoorie . In 1966, the Faculty of Science was established in the College with the introduction of Physics and Chemistry  and Mathematics was introduced as a part of curriculum of the B.Sc. classes.

                               The Faculty of Commerce was inducted into the College in 1982 with the introduction of B.Com. Classes.   The Undergraduate Department of Commerce was elevated to the level of a Post Graduate Department in 2001 when the M.Com. Classes were started under the self –finance scheme. The College has produced a number of illustrious students right from the time of its inception, a detailed description of which is available in the Alumni section of this website. The College has constantly produced excellent results in all the University exams including various University merit position holders. The College has done exceedingly well in the Inter Collegiate University Sports Meets and has produced many sports persons who have brought laurels to the State in India and abroad. Today many of our students are doing exceedingly well in various services of the Country throughout the length and breadth of the Country. Our teaching Departments have made valuable contributions in almost all the disciplines of teaching including the research achievements. Particular mention here has to be made of the recognition achieved by the Department of Mathematics of this College, which though is a single man Undergraduate Department of this College, yet, the Department has been able to carve out a place for itself in the national as well as the international arena by its research work.  We do feel proud as the research achievements of this very small and perhaps a very insignificant Department of our College has attracted the attention of the Editorial Reviewer Boards of a large number of reputed international research journals of mathematics worldwide. This achievement may be a very small and perhaps a very insignificant achievement when compared to the very big research achievements that the other very well known and prestigious research institutes of the Country have made for our Country; yet, for us these are very high achievements!