The Library of our College named the ‘Sumitra Nandan Pant Library’, in honor and remembrance of the great Chhayawadi Poet Sumitra Nandan Pant (1900-1978) born at Kausani in Almora, is situated at the second floor of the five storey building of the College in a very spacious hall which is very well lighted. The Library houses more than twenty thousand books in all the disciplines being taught in the College besides many reference books, journals, magazines, books for competitive examinations, etc. We follow the Dewey Decimal Classification of books where most of the books have been catalogued. The Library is manned by Shri Jitendra Kumar who is aided in this work by Shri Vinod Kandari and Shri Rameshwar Bhatt.

There is also a Book Bank in the College to help the needy and poor students

from which books for the whole session are issued to the needy students on very nominal payment.


The following are our Library Staff Personnel:

  1. Librarian – Vacant Post.
  2.  Shri Jitendra Kumar- Library Clerk.
  3.  Shri Vinod Kandari- Book Lifter.
  4. Library Assistant- Vacant Post.         (Check this from Office Records before posting on the Website!)


(Here paste the description of the Library of the College along with some photographs of the College Library.)