The College usually brings out a College magazine annually by the name ‘Hima’ (meaning the Ice). Dr. R.P.S. Chauhan is the Chief Editor of this magazine. He is supported in this venture by Smt. Lipika Kamboj and Dr. Pramod Bharatiya as Co-Editors/ Assistant Editors. The College magazine ‘Hima’ has four sections- first three each devoted to the three languages English, Hindi, Sanskrit and the last section is devoted exclusively to writings in ‘Garhwali’- the dialect/language  of the people of Garhwal region of the State of Uttarakhand, where this College is situated. This section aims at encouraging the students and teachers of the College to write and speak in Garhwali language and to learn this language which itself has a very rich tradition of language and literature dating back to more than a thousand years. This tradition has to be inculcated among the students and faculty of the College so that we may remain very much attached to our past cultural roots and for the students and faculty of our College who are from outside the Garhwal region it provides a unique opportunity to make themselves aware with the extremely rich cultural heritage of the Garhwal region, which we firmly believe that, in turn, strengthens the ‘Ganaga-Jamuna Culture’ of our great Country and the strengthens the ‘Unity in Diversity’ feature of India’s great Civilization all through the ages!