At present, the College has a total sanctioned strength of twenty-two non-teaching staff member, which include one Librarian, one Office Superintendent, four Clerks, two Lab Assistants cum Storekeepers, one Gasman, two Lab men, one Book Lifter, one Daftari and nine Office Assistants.

The following are the members of our Non-Teaching  Office Staff:

1. Dr. Satish Uniyal, M.A. Ph.D. – Office Superintendent
2. Smt. Savita M.A., LL.B. – Office Clerk View Profile
3. Shri Rakesh Singh Kaintura – Office Clerk
4. Smt. Manisha Sharma – Office Clerk View Profile
5. Shri Rajendra Singh Panwar – Office Assistant
6. Shri Satish Chandra ¬¬– Daftari
7. Shri Harish Chandra – Office Assistant
8. Shri Sashindra Kumar Verma – Office Assistant
9. Shri Rameshwar Bhatt – Office Assistant (Outsourcing Scheme)
10. Shri Sandeep – Office Assistant (Outsourcing Scheme)
11. Shri Ashok Singh Sajwan – Office Assistant (Outsourcing Scheme)
12. Smt. Mamta – Office Assistant
13. Shri Ajay Dhingia – Office Assistant (Outsourcing Scheme)